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Dear cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Support our future developements and help with existing service and infrastructure costs.

Lana is a zero premine, zero instamine, no ICO, open source, open blockchain project.

Lana was launched as a payments utility cryptocurrency for the decentralized community.

At the moment there are 3M LANA being offered to interested supporters at a fixed rate of 0.008 € per LANA.

The offering does not have a start or end date and is valid untill the stock is depleted. Minimal order size is 12500 units.

Supported payment options are: SEPA/EUR , GoCrypto/Elly (BTC, BCH, ETH, ELI), other cryptocurrencies listed here.

By acquiring LANA from the IDO (initial developer offering) pool you are supporting continuous development of real services  built on top on LanaCoin public blockchain.

  • android and iOS SPV wallet
  • codebase and source code updates
  • IPFS integration
  • wordpress plugin development
  • updates to core/full node wallets
  • blockchain service APIs


Before proceeding with your order kindly create a LanaCoin wallet and write down your recieving/depozit address.

Optional: Your coins delivered to you by priority mail in a form of a cold storage securely generated paper wallet. (kindly write: cold storage by mail in the Lana coin address field at checkout).


Cryptocurrenices are a new type of asset class and are considered as a high risk investments. Supporting our open source project shold not be considered as an investment and we disscourage supporting this offering for speculative reasons.

For more information on LanaCoin open source cryptocurrency kindly  visit LanaCoin online channels.

LanaCoin was announced on on the april 23rd 2016.

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