Blockmaster Seed Asset


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Blockmaster startup seed investors will receive a cryptographic asset named “BLOCKMASTER”

The asset has been deployed on RavenCoin blockchain.

During your checkout you will be required to enter a RavenCoin (RVN) address  to which we will distribute the tokens after the completion of our seed round.

“Make shure the address you submit supports RVN assets.”

RavenCoin RVN wallet can be downloaded here. RVN mobile wallet with asset support is currently in testing stage and can be downloaded here.

Its is of most vital importance that you do not lose or misplace the private key, backup seed or paper wallet of the wallet address you have submitted. We cannot replace or retrieve your token/asset if you lose,misplace, your wallet or the private key to your wallet.

Why is this important? During our development roadmap you may find the need or desire to sell or giveaway your BLOCKMASTER asset/token to a friend, family member,other third-party or a business partner. You are free to do so without informing us of such a transfer of token ownership as the person/company with ownership of the asset will be legible for future claims  of the Blockmaster utility token/asset.

Token utility will be provided during the 3 year development stage.

1 asset/token represents 1€ pledged. There will only be 2,268,800 BLOCKMASTER tokens issued combined. All unused/unsold tokens on the issuing blockchain network will be cryptographically destroyed.

Blockmaster tokens/asset does not represent a share in the company. At the startup stage we can’t afford to make our backers shareholders of the company since shareholders can have an impact on important project/company development decisions that may not be in the best interest of the company.

After our project roadmap is completed we will provide our backers with multiple options:

  • tokens for product exchange
  • tokens exchange for another cryptocurrency asset
  • tokens swap to STO token if the

The issued asset has a single purpose, which is cryptographic proof of your investment into our startup.

Before committing to our project, we are required to collect essential KYC/AML information about our backers.

After the completion of our 3 year development roadmap we may transform the Blockmaster utility token into a different asset class. We will keep up community and token/asset holders informed of any such developments.

More information is available on our public  Github repository and FAQ page.



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