What is Blockmaster?

Blockmaster blockchain technologijes is a sole proprietory company registered in Slovenia. Our core business services are information technologies, IT infrastructure maintenance and software development.

Who is the founding father of the company?

Jure Pirc is the founder and ceo of Blockmaster blockchain tehnologije.

What is this called “Blockmaster seed” ?

We decided not to name our startup funding round Blockmaster ico, because the last 2 years of icos (initial coin offerings) have left a bitter taste in the mouths of ico backers and investors and we dont want to be put into the same basket as most of the failed ico projects.

How is Blockmaster seed different than icos in 2017/2018?

Firstly we are raising the amount of seed capital that we actually need for a 3 year roadmap.

We have no intention to spend the funds towards things like: sponsoring blockchain conferences, paying for high rankings on blockchain/ico review sites, onboarding influencers and high profile blockchain advisors…

Will BLOCKMASTER tokens/asset be listed on popular exchanges?

There are no current plans to get the token/asset listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. Token utility will be provided during the 3 year development cycle.

Why are you asking me for my personal information?

We are required by EU KYC/AML law to know our backers/customers. You personal information will be handled and processed in accordance to EU law and safeguarded in acordance to GDPR laws.